Google Sheets

You can integrate Data Export with Google Drive account to schedule your reports to be directly delivered to Google Sheets.

​📋 Steps to Schedule Reports to Google Sheets

​✔Open the report that needs to be scheduled.

​✔Click the button.

​✔Select how often you want to run the report like Hourly, Daily, Weekly, or Monthly, and proceed to the next step. Click on Save and continue.

​✔Pick the date & time when the reports need to be delivered. Click on Save and continue.

Click on the Google Sheets tab and then, click on "Save and Continue".

​✔ Select your Google account and click on Allow to grant permission for Data Export.


​✔ Select the Google Drive folder in which you wish to receive and store the report.

​✔ Enter the file name and Sheet title.

​✔ Choose to Append, Add Sheets or Overwrite your report data.

  • Append: adds the new data at the end of previous report data.

  • Add Sheets: adds new data in a separate sheet in the same file.

  • Overwrite: Overwrites the previous report data and replaces it with the new report data.

​✔Finally, click the 'Save and Continue' button.

​🌟 That's it!. You have scheduled your reports to Google Sheets like a Pro!