This section provides additional sync options along with integrations for scheduling your report.

Shop & Plan Information

  • Shop Time Zone: View the shop time zone. We don't provide an option to edit the time zone. In case you require a change in time-zone, kindly contact-us.
  • Installer Email: View the installer email. You can change the email address by clicking on the edit button.
  • Plan Status: View the status of your plan and subscribe to a plan from this section.
Note: Data Export Subscription Plan is directly linked to your Shopify Subscription.
For example, Advanced Shopify Stores can only subscribe to the Advanced Shopify Plan on the Data Export app.

Additional & Optional Sync

  • There are various sync options that are not required by every store. Hence, we give you an option to sync only the necessary information regarding the store.
  • To turn on any sync option, toggle the corresponding button.

Schedule Integration

You can integrate the app with FTP account, Google Drive or Google Sheets account to be able to schedule the reports to be auto delivered in the respective accounts.


Restrict access to the app by adding a password. Once you create the password, you have an option to change the password or disable it.
In case you wish to disable the password, you'll be able to reset it.

Force Sync

  • We refresh your records each time you access the app, or schedule a report.
  • Sync also takes place by default every 6 hours, irrespective whether you access the app or not.
Sometimes the sync options that you have enabled records, might not immediately reflect in the report. In this case, you can force sync your records to manually refresh them at any time.

Steps to Force Sync data

In the Account page, you can find a question 'When was my data last synced?' at the top of the page under shop information. Click on the question to view your sync history.
Click on the 'Force Sync' button as shown below to manually refresh your records.