📋 Changelog

Changelog for version updates to Data Export software.

​🗓 July 2021

Change in filter name

We have changed "is NULL" and "is NOT NULL" to "is BLANK" and "is NOT BLANK" respectively for better understanding, but their function remain the same.


New look for Pre-created Reports page

We have introduced a new interface for the reports dashboard. The report templates have been categorized based on the report types and listed vertically for easy navigation.


​🗓 June 2021

Export and Schedule report to PDF Format

Now you can export and schedule the reports to PDF format. You also have an option to choose between portrait and landscape.

​🗓 May 2021

Password Protection

We have enhanced the app security with this new feature, which allows you to set a password for the app.

This restricts the staff to enter the Data Export app without the shop owner's permission.

Users can create a password on the Account page, under 'My Password' section.

Once the password is created, the User gets an option to Disable the password, under the same section.

Disable Password - This option clears the password set. Anyone can enter the app without a password.

We will soon be adding an option to reset the password in our upcoming updates.

Personalized Fields and Email Subject

This feature belongs to the Email output option, under report scheduling.

Personalized Fields: This new tool makes it convenient to draft the e-mail. You can drag and drop the personalized fields into the Subjects box or the Contents box.

Email Subject: This has been newly added to write a brief subject for the email.

​🗓 April 2021

Revamped User Interface

Data Export has been revamped with a new and user-friendly interface. You can see a complete change in design.

All the changes have been meticulously made to enhance the User Experience.

  • Accessibility to complex features has been made convenient.

  • Design is simple, intuitive, and straightforward.

  • Functionality of the app has become faster.

All the screenshots and videos of the new interface can be seen throughout our documentation.

​🗓 March 2021

'Edited Sales' Report Type

Shopify introduced the Order Editing feature a few months ago, which allows merchants to add products/quantity and remove products/quantity.

Edited Sales Report reflects all the changes/edits that are made to the records of your Shopify store.

For example,

If we create a report, opting 'Sales' or 'Order' as the report type, then the changes made in the orders will not be reflected in the report.

Whereas, when we select 'Edited Sales' as the report type the edits will be reflected in the report.