All the FAQs regarding reports.

​How do I create a customized report?​

​What are the Pre-Created Reports that you provide?​

​How do I select the fields for my report?​

​How do I edit/rename the fields in the report?​

​How do I re-arrange the fields?​

​How do I change the format of a field?​

​How do I hide a field?​

​How do I remove/delete a field?​

​How do I select the date range for the report?​

​How do I use filters for the records in the report?​

​How do I sort the fields in the report?​

​How do I create custom fields?​

​How do I create a static field?​

​How do I add currency symbols to the report values?​

​How do I add sub-total to the records?​

​How do I save a report?​

​How do I clone/duplicate a report?​

​How do I delete a report?​

​How do I export a report without scheduling it?​

​How do I edit the format of any field?​

Why are my reports not showing draft orders?

  • Data Export is designed to show only actual orders which are either marked as pending or paid.

  • This is to prevent the report from showing incorrect sales which happens when the draft orders get mixed up with actual orders data.

  • If you'd like to see draft orders in your report, kindly contact us and we shall enable the option for you from our end.

Can I see payouts in my Sales report?

  • Data Export features a separate report type called "Payout" and "Payout Line items" to obtain detailed and accurate information about your payout data.

  • A Sales report does not contain fields related to Payouts.

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