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  1. Why are my reports not showing draft orders?

  • Data Export is designed to show only actual orders which are either marked as pending or paid.

  • This is to prevent the report from showing incorrect sales, which happens when the draft orders get mixed up with actual order data.

  • If you'd like to see draft orders in your report, kindly contact us and we shall enable the option for you from our end.

  1. Can I see payouts in my Sales report?

  • Data Export features a separate report type called "Payout" and "Payout Line items" to obtain detailed and accurate information about your payout data.

  • A Sales report does not contain fields related to Payouts.

  1. Which field shows the timeline comment data?

  • The timeline comments data will be stored under the Order Events section. Hence, we have to create a field for you from our end.

    • Enable Event Sync in the Additional Sync Section of the Account page.

    • Once the sync is completed, get in touch with us and we will create a custom field for you.

  1. Which language can I use to write functions under Calculated fields?

  • We can perform any arithmetic calculations or case statement inside the calculated field using PostgreSQL.

  1. How do I write a CASE statement?

  • The CASE statement goes through conditions and returns a value when the first condition is met (like an if-then-else statement). So, once a condition is true, it will stop reading and return the result. If no conditions are true, it returns the value in the ELSE clause. If there is no ELSE part and no conditions are true, it returns NULL.

  • CASE Syntax

    WHEN condition1 THEN result1
    WHEN condition2 THEN result2
    WHEN conditionN THEN resultN
    ELSE result
  • SQL CASE Examples

  WHEN [Total Sales] <= 1000 THEN [Total Discounts] * 5
  WHEN [Total Sales] > 100 THEN [Total Discounts] * 10
  ELSE [Total Sales]
  1. Can you include additional information about the orders and products like,metafields, line_item properties in the report?

  • Yes, we can include additional custom information about the orders and products in the report. Kindly contact us, and we shall set it up for you.

  1. Can I view tax collection by county, city & state?

  • Shopify collects various taxes based on the Store delivery Location Zip, or rules customized & applied for collecting taxes by merchants.

  • If the store is set to collect taxes, Data Export will pull the tax information to deliver the tax report. Hence, in order to view the taxes by county, city & state the rule must be applied in your Shopify store to collect these taxes.

  1. How do I know the Best-Selling Products along with their Variant, SKUs, Vendors, and Product types?

  • The above report can be viewed using 3 methods :

    • Customized Method: Create a report customized to your requirements. Select the desired fields, sort the fields, and save the report. Click here to learn how to create a customized report.

    • Easy Method: Use the pre-created report template 'Best Selling Products' which you can find under the 'Product & Variant Reports' section. Manually, select the extra fields which you need and save the report.

    • Easiest Method: Ask our Live Human Support, and we'll be more than happy to get it done for you.

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