Customized Reports

Need more than what our pre-made reports have to offer? Custom Reports has you covered. With a few clicks, you can create the report that meets your needs. Or you can ask our experts to do it for you.

📋 Steps to Create Customized Reports

  1. Click on 'Create report'. You can find this button on 'Reports' and 'Builder'.

  1. Select 'I'd like a custom report' and go to the next step

  1. Select the category & report type and proceed to the next step

4. Select Fields

Select the fields you want to add to your report using the Field Selector tab.

5. Edit/Rename the fields in the report

6. Edit the format of a field

7. Remove/delete the field

8. Hide the fields

9. Re-arrange field

You can re-arrange the report fields based on your requirement.

10. Select Date Range

Select your desired date range using the Date Selector tab. We have several preset date ranges to choose from OR select your own Start and End Date as per your requirement.

11. Save Report

Finally, Save the report by clicking on the Save button. Once saved, you can access your report anytime from the 'Reports' tab.

12. Export Report

You can export/download a report, without scheduling it.

Click on the Export button to download the report in XLSX format or click the Download button to download the report in XLSX, CSV & PDF format.

🌟 That's it! You have successfully created and exported your Customized Report.

Click here to know about the 'sort' and 'filter' functions.

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