Customized Reports
If the pre-created reports do not meet your requirement, you have the ability to create Customized Reports, which are specifically tailored to your needs.

Steps to Create Customized Reports

Click on 'Create report'. You can find this button on 'Pre-Created Reports' and 'My Reports'.
Select the Report Type and name your report. Add Report Description if required.

Select Fields

Select the fields you want to add to your report using the Field Selector tab.
Text Fields are always in Blue. Ex: Product Name, E-mail, etc.
Numeric Fields are always in Orange. Ex: Total Sales, Net Amount, etc.

Edit field


Additional Options

Click on the ​
button to access other field editing options.
  • Group by: You can group them according to Value(none), Row, and Column.
  • Aggregate type: You can add a calculating function to the numerical field. The 'Sum' aggregate 'βˆ‘' is set by default on all numerical fields.
    • Sum - Gives you a summation of all the records in the field.
    • Count - Gives you a count of all the records in the field.
    • Count Unique - Gives you a count of all the unique records in the field.
    • Min - Gives you the minimum value among the records in the field.
    • Max - Gives you the maximum value among the records in the field.
    • Average - Give you the average value among the records in the field.
  • Date Format: You can change the date format for date fields as shown below.
For example, let's consider the 'Order Date' field from a 'Year to Date Sales Report'.
This field is normally formatted by Date. But we can change the format by clicking on
and then click on
. Select the desired format for the field. That's it.
In the video below, we have formatted the field by Month.

Rename Field

Edit a field name by clicking on the 3 dots on the field and click the pencil(edit) button. Rename the field as required and click on 'OK'.



You can hide the field from the report by clicking on the
button. It is useful in case you don't need a calculated field to be shown. This way you do not remove the field, but only hide it.
Remove: Click on the
to remove the selected field from the report.

Re-arrange Fields

You can re-arrange the report fields based on your requirement.

Select Date Range

Select your desired date range using the Date Selector tab. We have several preset date ranges to choose from OR select your own Start and End Date as per your requirement.

Save Report

Finally, Save the report by clicking on the
button (at the top). Once saved, you can access your report anytime from 'My Reports' tab.

Export Report

You can export/download a report, without scheduling it.
Click on the
button and select the output format. You can choose between Excel, CSV and PDF formats. The report file gets downloaded automatically into your designated downloads folder.
That's it! You have successfully created and exported your Customized Report.
Click here to know about 'sort' and 'filter' functions.