Calculated Columns

There are various calculations and commands which can be executed through these custom fields.

The 'Calculated Columns' editor can be used to create a custom function for a particular field.

📋 Steps to Create a Calculated Columns

  1. Click on the 'Add Custom Column' icon.

  1. Click on 'Calculated Columns'

  2. Enter the field name in the respective space provided.

  3. Click on the blank space below to write a custom function. The function needs to be written in PostgreSQL.

Note: Click on Show Documentation to view various functions that you can use. It is recommended to use this feature with basic knowledge of PostgreSQL.

Hint: Type a keyword for the field to receive suggestions to add t the editor.

These are the commands available under the 'String' format along with its Syntax.

  • Character Length

  • All characters in Lower Case

  • All letters in Upper Case

  • String Concatenation 2

    'String: ' || integer

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